Le Charme des Demoiselles Rouge 2017

AOP Côtes de Provence  

The wine expresses red fruit and notes of garrigue (thyme).

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In the vineyard

The vineyard is divided between plains and hills. Involved to preserve the environment, emphasis is placed on cultural practices such as plowing the soil and maintaining grassy areas adjacent to the vines. These practices are intended to maintain fauna and flora, and therefore guarantee the health of the soil.


Alcoholic fermentation is preceded by a cold maceration of several days to exalt the fruity aromas of the grapes. The temperature will then be rigorously controlled vinification and maintained between 25 and 28 ° C. Short vatting and very light pumping will provide the flexibility and fruitiness of a wine enjoyment. When fermentations are completed, malolactic fermentation starts.


Syrah : 90 %
Cabernet-sauvignon : 10 %

Tasting tips

Tasting notes

The wine expresses red fruit and notes of garrigue (thyme). This flexibility is in the mouth with a truly pleasurable wine to drink lightly chilled in summer.
To drink with : salads, grill


To taste between 14 and 18 ° C. to keep 3 years

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Charme Rouge