Our goods arealways shipped at the recipient’s own risk, even when prices include postage.

Our delivery times are provided for information purposes only, and are kept to the extent possible. A delay, even significant, cannot be an acceptable cause for refusing the delivery or asking for a compensation of any kind.

During delivery, if a parcel is missing or damaged, precise reservations must be made on the carrier’s delivery receipt and confirmed by registered letter within three working days to the delivering carrier with a copy for the sender.

Our warranty is strictly limited to replacement within a normal period of time or reimbursement at our discretion of parts found to be defective or non-compliant, after examination by us. Possible replacement shall by no means justify a delay or a refusal to pay our invoices. Only the value of the parts found to be defective or non-compliant may be considered.

The prices mentioned on the order forms by our representatives are given for information purposes only. We always invoice on the day of shipment.
Any deduction made, for any reason, on our invoicesis deductible from our turnover and results in a proportional reduction on the amount of VAT.

Claims can only be made within eight days after receipt of the goods. We no longer accept any return one month after shipment of the goods. Return vouchers must be filled by our representative.

Any delivery or order confirmation impliesacceptance without reservationof these general terms and conditions, which prevail, in any case, over any contrary provision issued by the buyer. Indeed any non-compatible stipulation appearing on the buyer’s document is presumed to be revoked by the contract that would bind it to us.

Priority reserve:
In case the whole payment is not done at the date agreed by the parties, the buyer reserves the right to resume delivery and dissolved the contract.
In case of an advance payment, a 2% discount shall apply. Any delay in payment shall result in a penalty calculated on the basis of three times the legal interest rate per day of delay.
In the event of late payment, the fixed compensation for recovery costs is, according to Article D 441-5 of the French Commercial Code, set at €40.

Address for service and jurisdiction:                
All disputes shall be submitted to the competent court of Draguignan.