The VDD approach (Vignerons en Développement Durable / Growers in sustainable development): what does it consist of?

This approach places the company at the heart of the process in order to ensure its viability, and to guarantee the production of authentic, quality wines that respect the consumer. This desire for change, in order to develop sustainably responsible methods, focuses on very specific issues [see the 37 VDD issues] focused on three main areas: the social aspect, the environmental aspect and the economic aspect.

Our daily commitment to this approach:

Because the Château des Demoiselles estate has experienced strong growth in recent years, more consumers, employees, production and competition also mean more responsibility. Our development ambition requires us to constantly evolve. This is why we are beginning a process of transition to an increasingly responsible development model: a process of change and anticipation of change, while maintaining performance and quality.

The objectives of this approach are multiple:

– Finding and sharing solutions to preserve the planet

– Protect employees in terms of safety, well-being and cohesion

– Develop the company’s long-term performance

– Promote this approach to external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, institutions, etc.)

By aiming for VDD certification, we guarantee our commitments in terms of governance, managerial practices, social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic performance, from the vine to the table of the final consumer. Every two years, an audit is carried out to assess the actions carried out on a daily basis and to verify our commitments in a continuous improvement process. Our actions and efforts are currently certified “in conversion” by the VDD label.

Why choose our VDD wines – Consumer responsibility:

It is together and through the actions of everyone that we commit ourselves to long-term actions aimed at constantly improving our working methods and the satisfaction of all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and surrounding communities. This is why consumption patterns are also more responsible. Choosing our VDD wines also means supporting us in our efforts to give meaning to our commitment, to an approach that respects man and his environment.